Go Solar

There is no better time for Solar then now, great amount of research is going on across the globe to improve systems efficiency and reduce cost per watt of photovoltaics (PV) and concentrated solar power (CSP).
We design, install and commission projects on turnkey basis as per your requirements in industry and households. Our systems are being recognized for their quality & performance aspects across the user segment.

Our Solutions

Our products and solutions are designed according to the ground conditions. They are:
• Safe and easy to use    • Stand alone systems   • No running cost    • Maintenance free
• Free from messy cables   • Reliable and sturdy    • Pollution free & Environment friendly
• No dependency on EB/DG sets    • Tightly quality controlled    • Cost-effective & eco-friendly.

Solar for Everyone

We have solar lighting & solar heating solutions for all segments such as Agriculture, Residential, Commercial and Industrial. Which include:
• Hotels • Government buildings • Schools • Commercial establishments • Industrial establishments • Houses • Agriculture
Our products are designed to meet the specific need of our customers from different segments.

Solar Finance

We at URJA understand that finance plays a key role in decision making. Our cost evaluations are based on your exact requirements. We provide guidance and various options with respect to the financial choices of our clients.

We have also partnered with various financial entities to facilitate project funding for our clients. We provide following options:
• Private PPA’s   • Solar Lease   • CAPEX Purchase

CAPEX Purchase Private PPA’s
(OPEX Model)
Solar Lease
One-time cost No upfront capital cost Zero or low upfront cost
Own the system hardware Hardware owned by 3rd pary Hardware owned by 3rd pary
Progress payments during construction Payment per kWh consumed Recurring payment for hardware lease

Our solutions are extremely flexible and can accommodate all types of financial needs. Please feel free to contact us (at no obligations) to explore your options.